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The following information has been put together over the many years from frequently asked questions. Of course if you can't find the information you require, or simply need help moving forward, contact us and we will help you through the process. Please also check the links for our fantastic sponsors. 


Engines and Chassis

SEKNSW like all twin engine series use a twin rail chassis capable of mounting an engine to each side.The engines we use are the ever reliable Honda GX200 engines, very similar to those used in the UK and Europe. It is the most common engine used worldwide for endurance karting. We have engines racing in our series that are over 5 seasons old. In fact, we recently had an engine expire which had in excess of 400 hours of racing. The SEK engine is without a doubt the most economical & reliable engine available for endurance karting.




SEK accept AASA, KNSW, KA, and MSA licenses.

The Australian Auto Sport Alliance (AASA), has the easiest and cheapest licencing methods while still offering the highest level of coverage. Licences can be purchased and processed online by visiting the AASA website. You can follow the links provided. Annual licences are just $130 and we have a simple day license available for just $35 per day.


Cost of events

Our entry fees vary depending on location. As a general rule the events that run closer to Sydney will attract a higher entry fee due to the higher cost of hiring the tracks. This is usually offset by the savings on travel and accommodation for most teams. It must also be noted that our advertised entry fees attract no additional driver fees. The entry fee is capped regardless of how many drivers you have.  Currently our entry fees are around $550 per kart.

AASA will also recognize current licences issued from other governing bodies such as MSA, KNSW & Karting Australia. You should contact us prior to entry to ensure your grade of licence will be accepted.


How can i purchase equipment?

Because SEK is such a close group of competitors, the committee know who is upgrading equipment and what is available for purchase. Before taking the step and purchasing, we urge you to contact us direct for guidance. Quiet often equipment is advertised for sale which may seem like a great deal, however some of this equipment may not be compliant. We believe a simple phone call can help you buy a great value for money package.


How much does a kart and engines cost?

We regularly see karts available for around $2000 however, there are some Honda engines that have not been sealed in the approved process. Please call the club for guidance.

New SEK sealed engines are $680 each and we keep a database of engine and seal numbers to ensure compliance and parity. 

Used karts with SEK engines are available on occasions from as little as $2500, this will buy a great package that will be competitive. Newer packages usually go for around $5000+

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