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SEK Autumn Preview

Autumn is the start of exciting times for both SEK NSW & SEK QLD as both states head into the first of the 3 marquee events for 2019.

With SEKNSW now completing 2 rounds of the 2019 Championship and SEKQLD, after starting later to avoid racing in the peak QLD summer heat, now completing round 1, both states are looking ahead to the annual State of Origin clash to be held at Port Macquarie's Pacific Park International Kart Track on May 4th and 5th.

The annual event always a favorite for many, will be extra special in 2019 as it marks the first event to host both states under the AASA banner and a return to consistency within both series. The joining of the 2 states under the AASA has greatly improved the ability for both states to work together and it has created a very relaxed atmosphere within both series.

The State of Origin clash see's teams racing for points awarded to each team and tallied for State totals over 2x 6 hour races. The points are awarded over both MAXX and Sportsman classes so everyone is racing for a share of the points.

Add to this the fact that both classes are racing for the "A1" and "S1" plates for the overall winner in each class and round points for their respective state championships, there is plenty to play for.

In June, SEK NSW takes a winter break, allowing NSW teams to travel North into the sunshine state for the second marquee event of the year. The SEK QLD Ipswich 12 hour to be held on the weekend of June 5th. Early reports indicate 5 to 6 NSW teams heading over the border. While the weather may be warmer, NSW teams will still be feeling the cold in unchartered territory. This event will not be easy as it is the second longest single race in Australian Motorsport, 12 hours of racing will certainly be a strain on all of the competitors.

July will see the return to normal state competition as we head toward the biggest event on the calendar. The Eastern Creek 24 hour on the October long weekend, and don't we have some big news to release on what will

no doubt be the biggest single karting event in Australia. Stay tuned for a release in the coming weeks.

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