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Rules, Regulations & Tech

This page should provide all the information you need on general rules, regulations and technical compliance. If you can't find the information you require please contact a committee member and we will have the best person contact you with accurate information.

                SEK REGULATIONS

Here you will the standard regulations of SEK endurance karting. This information includes race procedures, General rules and regulations as well as technical information.

Sportsman Enduro Karting


Here you will find a link to the regulations of the AASA. This information relates to the administration side of the series, penalties and appeals that are not covered by the SEK regulations and the code of conduct of the competitors. Once you have navigated to the AASA site you will find all the information you require including Financial services guides, claims information and much more.

The following information should assist teams and competitors with information regarding the difference between UT1 & UT2 engines and further the correct carburettor to use with each engine.

  • The rules surrounding this have have remained unchanged since the introduction of the UT2 engine however many new competitors have joined the series since then and may be confused about the difference.

  • It should be stressed that using the correct carbies & parts provides very good parity.​                                                                                 

  • All carburettors must be "as supplied" from Honda with the exception of changing the main jet to those allowed.                                                     

  • Engine numbers for UT2 engines will always start with "GCBTT". Above the engine number will be "QX2"

  • Engine numbers for UH2 engines will always start with "GCBDH". Above the engine number will be "QX2"                                                   

  • Engine numbers for UT1 can vary. "GCAHT" or "GCACT" and "QXU"                                                                                                                      

  • Carburettor code will be found on the top of carb near butterfly shaft.

  • UH2 code will be "A3Q" and no other code will be permitted.                                                                                                         

  • UT2 code will be "59L" and no other code will be permitted                                                                                                                            

  • UT1 code will be 64Y and no other code will be permitted.                                                                                                                               

  • Any of the above carburettors can use a genuine Honda 72, 75 or 78 jet                                                                                                         

  • Pilot jets for UT2 engines must be "40" only, UH2 "38" only, UT1 "45" only

 The UT1 emulsion tube has an equal amount of holes at 90deg with the exception of the lower holes indicated by the screwdriver.


The UT2 emulsion tube has an odd number of holes at 90deg.

The information provided is a guide only. It is possible that other emulsion tubes are available that resemble those shown, both genuine and aftermarket. 

If you have any doubts you should ask for clarification.

Further more, if you have purchased new engines from the club, your components as supplied will be legal. This also applies if you have purchased new carburettors of the correct part number.

UT2 16100- Z4V-921
UT1 16100-Z0V-921

Carburettor Information

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